Round 2

The second half of the first cycle was on Thursday.  Due to the prior mixup with GEHA, this was going to be a Navelbine only cycle.  The pre-medicine took longer to get through than did the Navelbine.  It always makes me nervous when the nurse puts on gloves to administer the dose…just how toxic is […]

Pet Scan Results

As we waited for the results of the PET scan, looking over the CT and MRI results, we both feared a metastatic diagnosis.  The one beacon of hope was the conflicting results from CT and MRI.  The call finally came on Friday, February 19. I was busy with an incident at work when Theresa called […]

What I’ve Learned About Modern Medicine

For all of the advances that we have seen in medicine, there are still so many things that we do not have a handle on.  Doctors are not perfect;  They rely on historical odds when suggesting treatment plans and diagnosing unexpected things.  With this in mind, I thought about the previous 9 months and what […]

Fight 2, Round 1

We headed to the UA Cancer Center to begin the next treatment cycle.  Again, we were confronted with the insanity of insurance.  GEHA had approved the Navelbine, but not the Cisplatin.  Dr. Livingston’s nurse came to talk to us and said that they will get the Cisplatin approved, but not today.  They suggested Theresa go […]


Our insurance company, GEHA, decided to disallow the PET scan saying it was not medically necessary.  As a backup, they allowed a CT scan.  This took place on February 10.  The contrast they have you drink made Theresa sick.  Even with that, she was able to complete the scan and await the results. That evening, […]

MRI and Biopsy Results

On the morning of February 9th, Theresa went for an MRI.  They did this to review the chest and stomach area.  After the MRI, Dr. Viscusi called with results from the biopsy. To everyone’s surprise, the triple-negative cancer, first diagnosed in June 2015 has recurred.  Given the size of the tumor in the breast, I […]

The Big Appointment

The morning first started with an appointment with reconstructive surgeon Dr. Larson.  The purpose of this appointment was to get his opinion on whether or not a reconstruction would be possible with all that was happening in the left breast. Not one for bedside manner, he took a look and said that there appeared to […]