I’m Not Sure What To Do With You

These were the words spoken by Dr. Viscusi when Theresa met with her.  The pathology report was still inconclusive due to the sample size and was still saying the lump was not breast cancer.  Due to this, Dr. Viscusi decided to remove the lump and margins around it, while not removing any lymph nodes that […]

Leaving for Pittsburgh

Due in large part to Theresa’s comments about not canceling my trip, I was set to leave on the evening of June 13.  We had a meeting with our parish finance council that morning and we ended up telling the council members about the diagnosis. Our parish priest, Fr. Rankin, gave Theresa the anointing of […]

The Envelope Please

I was set to leave for Pittsburgh for 2 weeks beginning on June 13th to begin schooling for the Byzantine Catholic Diaconate.  There was a scheduled appointment with the OB/GYN to review the results of the biopsy.  This appointment took place a few days before I left for Pittsburgh. When the Doctor came in, he […]